Thursday, June 17, 2010

Losing it,

This kid keeps on trying to push the limits. I have stopped counting the amount of times he's grabbed a chunk of fur....oh my poor sore tail. Mom say's he'll learn and be nice when older.....please grow up fast Carter!

...he is kinda cute though.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm back! My computer was broken and it has taken till now to get fixed. Tip for ya, don't bring your laptop into the kitty litter box, I don't care how water or dust resistant they claim it is!....Not that I did anything....just saying.
Well a lot has happened since my last entry. Mom and Dad had a little baby boy, Carter. He is alright. We keep out distance most of the time. Though I decided to let him pet me the other day, just because my fur is so soft and irresistible, and guess what he did!?! He grabbed a big old chunk of skin and refused to let go...let's just say we are not going to be on petting terms for a while. He's just a little kitten really, so I'll give him so room there, he'll learn.
Christmas came and went along with the house!! We moved shortly afterward to a new home in Winchester, TN. It's different, but I like it. It was a 3hr+ journey down here though, and boy did it wear me out!! I did really well, only a little whining and howling. As soon as they got that bed up I was out. I pretty much enjoy nothing else but sleeping since the big move.

Dad and I playing a heated round of Rummikub

Some more naps

Attack the Peacock feather!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just smile and nod,

January, February, March, April, May-be this is the month I will write a new post! Tigger here, reporting for blog duty. I just got back into the house after exploring the deck once again. Mom has been growing a bunch of flowers so it is fun to hide behind the pots and wait for the birds to come and eat birdseed. Ohhh how I love to scare them!
Well things are changing around here. Not only is it getting hotter out and green but I am going to have yet another human to take care of come this Fall. Yep, mom and dad are having a baby. I told them I was all they would ever need, but they insisted that they wanted to enjoy sleepless nights, countless stinky diapers (I am trying to prepare them with my latest kitty litter entries) and ear piercing-teeth clenching screams and cries. Fine, your funeral. I'll be under the bed till the little monster is smart enough not to pull my tail.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Said the Feather Bell Toy to the little you hear what I hear?

Lights! Ornaments! Presents! CHRISTMAS!! What a great event this year! Last Christmas mom and dad went out bought a nice tree and it looked great but all I could do was sleep under it. THIS year however was so much better. They took my favorite tree ever and placed stuff all over it! Awwww how nice it was to laze on the couch arm and bat a few shinny balls hanging from a branch. Much better...
And...just to make all my furry friend readers jealous I decided to post pictures of my exciting morning...and even a bit of explicit materials...

CAUTION: for Mature Cats ONLY not intended to be read by kittens.

Oh, for me? You shouldn't have...

Mmmmm Smells Good

New Catnip Mouse!!

All Hopped Up On Catnip!! Going Crazy
Don't Be Drunk on Catnip and then take on a'll lose and have to put on a stupid ribbon from the "Let's-Take-Advantage" humans...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dear Running Sink Water,

Tuna juice and yogurt goo have nothing over you running sink water! You make my whiskers twitch and paws wet. It seems that every time mommy and daddy have to use their special kitty litter box I get the urge to jump in the sink and play. Yeah sure I may get fur all over the place and the occasional grain of litter inside the sink, but just think of it as little trails of love. Sometimes, if I'm really good, mommy fills the sink up and throws ice cubes in for me to play with. And don't ask me how but hair ties always end up in the water...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dear Camouflage,

I am invisible. No human or bird can see me. If only you knew I was plotting an attack, while all you see is mere pillows. This camouflage is pure genius I tell you, PURE - GENIUS.
...Oh wait, I'm not invisible? You're taking a picture of me, not the pillows? Curse you and your hawk-like eyes! Just you afraid, be very afraid!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dear Blankie,

Oh Man! Life is GOOD! Whenever I need to chill you are always there, blankie. So soft, warm, and inviting. I would like to commend you on your versatility too! You keep me entertained as a hide-away under the table, a fort stretched over the entire couch and a cat toy heaven when balls and feathers are thrown under you. Thank you, blankie, for allowing me to kick back and enjoy being a cat.